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Sivage has always been a creative and highly enthusiastic professional with a commitment to drive desired results. Yet, at the core of his ambition is his passion to help others, one that continually motivates him to offer a wide spectrum of value-added services to his clients as a real estate agent. Distinctive too of his business is the high level of standards he upholds when assisting buyers, sellers, and investors in actualizing their real estate goals. Whether working with Ontario residents, shifts from other regions, or immigrants to Canada, Sivage will extend the same level of devotion and professionalism to ensure that they make informed decisions to secure their future.

Sivage has worked in multiple profit and non-profit sectors including as a Legal Basement Consultant where he helped homeowners legalize their basement apartments and saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. He has also volunteered in various communities which, coupled with his educational background as a CPA CGA as well as a degree in Business Administration, qualifies him as a methodical, insightful, and meticulous person. Moreover, Sivage always weighs the pros and cons in every transaction before finalizing the deal such as Value vs. Dollars, Neighborhood vs. Future Growth. 

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Email: sivagehomes@sivage.ca

Phone: 416-553-8902

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Sivage Sivagumaran, Top Rated Toronto Real Estate Agent

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